As time permits, I will add information about the various venues I have knowledge of. If you have a favorite you'd like to see here, please send it along. I prefer to list places that I have experienced so that I can provide an idea of what to expect. If you have questions about any of these, send me an email. Click on the name to go to their web site.

Levon Helm Studios
Home of the Midnight Ramble
Woodstock, NY
 If you have never been to a Ramble in your life, it is something you should do. People come from far and wide to enjoy the experience, and that they do. I have met people from Canada, the Carolina's, and Europe at several Rambles. Check the web site for the schedule, but the events are scheduled as performers are available, usually 2-3 times a month. Special guests are common and always worth the ticket price. If you see a listing for somebody you want to see, DO NOT HESITATE. Tickets sell out very fast. It's a small and very intimate venue. Limited seating is available, but if you get standing room tickets, do not fret, there is usually someplace you can sit and rest your legs for a bit. Also, it should be noted that a lot of us always prefer to stand, its easier to dance that way and there are no bad places to watch the action. The last time I went to see Levon before he left us, I stood in the loft area just above his drum kit as was only about 10 feet from him. What a joy that night was. These days I prefer to stand in the loft area above the organ so I can look down and watch Larry Campbell's right hand, which just amazes me. Trust me, this is a 'must do'.

Harmony Cafe (The Wok & Roll)
52 Mill Hill Rd.
Woodstock, NY
 Here's a nice Chinese restaurant that Rocks! A 3 store front setup that hosts something evey night of the week. Usually one night is poetry readingt, Thursdays is Bluegrass with the Saturday Night Bluegrass Band (yes, they play on Thursday's). The other nights can be almost abybody and any kind of music. Check their Face Book page, they put out a schedule just about every week. Usually no cover (it's up to the band), they do have a tip jar and you should use it. Some fantastic things happen here and it is worth checking out for sure. I'm there most Thursdays listening to Brian Hollander, Fooch, Geoff Harben, Tim, and Bill Keith.

More coming soon...

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