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This page is provided as a reference for you AND me. I have a hard time keeping track of the folks I like to hear and finding them in smaller venues is not always easy. I am not trying to list everything going on in the area, I am trying to raise awareness for some of the smaller high quality artists I know, usually performing at places I know. In other words, these are gigs I would recommend to friends (in this case, You). You can get a better description of those venues over on the VENUES page.  If you have events you think should be listed here, please drop me a line with the specific details and I'll get it on the list as soon as I can.
 NOTE, this list is in reverse order, so the older stuff is at the bottom and newer dates are on top. Scroll down to this weeks dates and work back up from there.
This group of listings (just below) is being added on 11/29/13 and has some very good opportunities just released and not yet publicized in the general market. The holiday season brings a lot of traveling musicians back home to the Hudson Valley to spend time with their own families and many times we are lucky enough to catch them at a local gig, whether planned or otherwise at our local venues. Still others come out to do their annual local charity or community gigs. Either way, you win, if you are paying attention.

February 7-9 2014
 The Winter Hoot. Second Annual
 At the Ashokan Center, Olivbridge, NY
 I am putting this up early so you all have time to put this in your plans. Mike and Ruthy have done an excellent job of putting together the lineup which was just announced. Check that out here. This event runs Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon. Packed with lots of stuff for kids and all ages you will find so much more than music here. Indoor Farmers Market, Nature activities, Local food and beer, colonial crafts, hikes, blacksmithing demos, environmental information, and just a ton of stuff going on. This is a great way to shake those winter blues and get the blood flowing. Read the full lineup to get informed, but if you don't recognize some of the names, do not let that stop you from coming. I promise this is a dynamic group of world class musicians and talent. My personal favorite is Rushad Eggelston who will make the trip from his warm place in sunny California to join us. It's good to see friends again and that is exactly what this weekend is all about. You are missing something if you don't catch at least a part of this one. (My writeup on the Summer Hoot can be found here.)
 The neat thing about this event is that you can get lodging right on the grounds if you so choose. Tickets are available on-line or at the Woodstock Music Shop on Rock City Road. Full weekend tickets are $45.00 without lodging.. Tickets details can be found here.
 I'll see you there!

December 28th
Club 47 with Tom Rush
 Guests: The Jim Kweskin Jug band with Maria Muldaur, Geoff Muldaur, and Bill Keith, also Patty Larkin, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Ironi
 At Boston Symphony Hall
Yes, I know Boston is just a bit out side the Hudson Valley, but I'm sure you realize the epic proportions of this show. 2013 was the 50th anniversary year of the Kweskin Jug band and that reunion tour took them to many venues from Tokyo to California, to New England and more. We (I) thought the tour was done and I missed any opportunity to see them. Now comes this surprise gig at Symphony Hall just days before the end of the year and I am trying to figure out a way to be there. What a way to end the year. Tickets are $35.-$200. and all the details are available here.

December 20th
Mike & Ruthy, Natalie Merchant, et al 
 Levon Helm Sutdios, Midnight Ramble
 Check the LHS date calendar frequently for exciting stuff going on there on a regular basis. this one catches my eye in particular because of the strong local lineup of loveable performers. In addition to M&R and Natalie, this gig includes Jihn Medeski, Happy Traum, Gail Ann Dorsey, Byron Issacs, Daniel and Storey Littleton, Simi Stone, Jay and Molly, Marco Benevento and there will be more added. This is one of those gigs that can't help but produce some real magic and the house should be full that night. Details on all the LHS gigs can be found here, if you don't have it bookmarked yet.

December 20th (Friday) 8:30pm
Two Dollar Goat
Hopped up Cafe', High Falls
 Always pleased to make folks aware of these guys and where they are playing their own brand of high energy current and traditional Bluegrass with variations on that theme. These guys are great and always a lot of fun to listen to and watch. If you can make this gig, you won't regret it. Also, If you haven't been to the Hopped Up Cafe', you should give it a try, great food and great craft beer with a very nice family atmosphere. A friendly fun place for sure. The calendar details are here, and the cafe information can be found here.

December 14th (Saturday) 6:30PM
No Brakes
Gomen Kudasai Noodle House, New Paltz
 Driving Bluegrass and noodles are an unbeatable combination. These guys can certainly take you on a journey with their own brand of music. I haven't seen them in a while and I miss them. Great stuff, you will certainly have a good time for sure.

December 14th (Saturday) 8:30PM
Evan Shultis Solo
Hopped up Cafe', High Falls
 Now THIS gig gives me special pleasure to announce. I have been a fan of Evan's since he has about 15 years old and that was a 'while ago'. Evan has played with many many bands throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond and is a favorite person for many to call on as a fill-in because he has such a refined ear. Jay & Molly, Mik & Gilles, The Saturday Night Bluegrass Band, Bill Keith, and many more have shared the stage with Evan. Playing predominantly fiddle and guitar it will be interesting to see what Evan brings to the game on this one, as his very first solo performance. I spoke with Even recently about this gig and he is thinking about asking somebody else along to help fill in the melody, but whether he is alone or with friends this will be a fine evening. The calendar details are here, and the cafe information can be found here.

December 13th (Friday)
Winter Solstice Concert with Happy Traum and Friends
Bearsville Theater
 The annual holiday season gig benefitting the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild and featuring many beloved local artists. This year the preliminary lineup includes Larry Campbell, Theresa Williams, Amy Helm, Byron Issacs, Cindy Cashdollar, as well as Mike & Ruthy. As always, you never know who might show up to sit in and that makes this one well worth the $25 to $65 ticket price. Details available here.

December 11th (Thursday) 7:30pm
Brittany Haas, Owen Marshall and Joe Walsh
House Concert in Rhinebeck, NY
Three masters of old-time, Celtic, and bluegrass music, each a widely-known virtuoso on their chosen instrument (fiddle, guitar, and mandolin) joining up to explore the overlapping and cross-pollinated common ground. I am very much looking forward to this concert, produced by my friend and cohort Dean Seabrook and in conjunction with the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association (many thanks for them for providing a venue). This event is currently SOLD OUT, however, you can try for the waiting list at the email address below. The Facebook link is here.

Limited seating for an intimate house concert in Rhinebeck, NY. For reservations and information, email

December 7th (Saturday), 8pm
Mik & Gilles
Rosendale Cafe'
 I am very much looking forward to this one and plan on bringing a posse with me (OK, no big deal, but unusual for me). (See the Oct. 3rd listing below.) This will be a fine night with great humor and song. My spies tell me they will have a musical guest in addition to Charlie Kniceley who will be on the bass that evening. Come prepared to laugh hard and maybe even think a little. 10 bucks at the door is a steal for this one. It's a no-brainer, but you had best bring your brain anyway. The place looks to fill up fast for this gig. More about Mik & Gilles here. More about the gig and the Cafe' here.

December 5th (Thursday)
Acoustic Thursday with Kurt Henry
High Falls Cafe'
Featuring: Pat Lamanna,  Rick Ahneman, Gilles Malkine, Kevin McDaniel & Sara Hulse.
This is a revolving gig every Thursday at the Cafe', but this one caught my eye because of course, Gilles will be there. (See my comments on Gilles latest CD here.) Just a $5.00 donation at the door. The Cafe' has a a great reputation for fine music. You should check it out. Details here.

Many Dates
 Mike & Ruthy
Just a general note here for Mike & Ruthy fans, they have released a whole bunch of new dates around the Northeast and Southwest. Between now and the middle of January they will be in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Mexico (4 cities), Colorado (5 cities), and are looking for some gigging opportunities on the west coast. You can find their schedule here, however, I suggest you subscribe to their mailing list because several of the dates, especially the local ones only show up on the mailing and are not on their schedule page yet. Also note that they have re-worked their web page, so spend sometime poking around. (Funny, I am reading the travel schedule and find myself wondering if they need a roadie. I am familiar with most most of the towns on the Southwest swing and would love to go back for a visit. Then again, I realize they already have Willie and Opal, so they have their backs covered on that score. [sigh].)
October 3
 Gilles Malkine at the High Falls Cafe, Acoustic Thursday.
 Gilles is one of those folks who can't seem to put something out there that I don't like. Not one for 'middle of the road stuff', Gilles is always thinking and creating performances designed to make one think, and re-think aspects of our existance that deserve a second look. Combined with a lot of humor, some sarcasm, and alternative points of view (depending on your point of view), Gilles material is always a joy. Come with sharp ears and a keen whit and you won't be disappointed. Details to be found here. Don't worry, I'll be listing more of Gilles gigs along with his oft time partner, Mik Horowitz in the very near future. I am determined to get you out to see these guys who represent some of the great talent we have in our little valley that remains an open secret and should be so much less so.

October 2-13
  The New York Banjo Tour
 This is a 12 day blitzkrieg tour hitting 11 different gigs in 7 states. How these guys can maintain this schedule is beyond me, especially considering what they put into each performance. I promise you that unless you have seen last year's running, you don't know as much about the 5 string banjo as you might think. I've been messing with the thing for 30 years and heard a lot of stuff I never expected from this crew, each with his or her own special twist. To say this is a fantastic and exceptional experience is to not say enough.
 On the bill this year is Bela Fleck, Bill Keith, Eric Weissberg, Noam Pickelny, Richie Streans, Tony Trischka, and Abigail Washburn. Also appearing on the Oct. 4th date is Mac Benford. The all star backup band for this crew is comprised of Casey Driessen, Corey DiMario, Jesse Cobb, and Russ Barenberg. Each of these guys a standout in their own right. Also, it should be noted that each of these artists are kind enough to meet and greet with everyone after the show. So if you wants some signatures, or to ask a how-to question or two, I can tell you they are most gracious and generous with their time.
 The tour starts near Pittsburgh, PA and winds up in New Brunswick, NJ. The closest it comes to here would be Great Barrington, MA on Oct. 6th and that is the one I am going to. (Anybody want to car pool?)
Tour Dates can be found here, and the artist bios can be found here. This is a big one and well worth the drive.

September 28
 Rushad Eggleston, House concert
I have already written quite a bit about this if you go check the main page here and scroll down. There will probably be one more before the gig. The Face Book event is listed here. Go to that and send an email off to to get your name on the list. This will be a great event and a rare opportunity for sure. I hope to see you there. You can drop me a note if you have any questions.

 Levon Helm Studios, Midnight Ramble
 Special Guest: Moonalice. If you are not familiar with the Rambles, please go read more on my Venues Page. Rambles are always special and I believe everybody should go to at least one and then decide for themselves to go back for more. I am not familiar with Moonalice, but I trust the wise and skilled Team Levon to bring us nothing but the best. The whole schedule listing can be found here.

September 21
 The Hudson Valley Harvest Festival
 This is a big all weekend event with many bands throughout the weekend on 2 stages. Of note to me is The Chestnut Hill Gang closing on at Americana Stage at 7pm Saturday. These guys really rock and play a mix of acoustic and electric. No drums, just bass, acoutic and electric guitar, and fiddle. When they get to cooking, your feet get to moving. Some originals, a couple of covers, and soem reworked tunes. Great stuff and worth your time. Also if oyu are a Lindsay Webster fan, they will be on the Harvest stage at 3:30 pm Saturday. Full Schedule is here.

 The Unison Arts Center
 Tony Trischka at the 1st Annual Founder's Day Concert. Tony always puts on a heck of a show and does things with that 5 string that few folks expect unless they know him. It always a pleasant and exciting time when one can catch a gig of his. Ranging from straight Bluegrass, to rock tunes, to his own compositions, one never gets tired of his variety. If you go expecting some hillbilly stuff, you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for quality music that makes you want to hear more, than I think you will really like this. I confess that Tony is an acquaintance and I have seen enough of his gigs that I can't remember them all. I rarely miss one of his visits to our valley. Great stuff, Indeed. Ticket prices, times, etc. are all available here.

 The Bush Brothers at High Falls Cafe
 This just in: Some very fine music is available for your enjoyment along with a lobster dinner if you are so inclined. Now I confess, I have never seen these guys as a band, but I know Fooch and the level of quality he plays at. If he is in the mix with these guys, it has to be good. A better description is available here, along with more details and a sample cut and all the details.

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